Friday, May 30, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #13

This week my favorite product is the Leap Frog Learn and Groove Table.

I've always liked these tables for my preemies because they come at a good height when kids are learning to stand but can also be used to encourage tummy time. I particularly like this one because it plays a lot of jazzy type music (that doesn't give me a headache - always a bonus) and has a variety of things to push, move or open. My daughter is a big fan of options so this toy suits her well.

Here are some suggestions for using this toy to help foster development with your preemie.

Tummy time - Just like most other tables, this one allows you to remove the legs. Take the front two off and then you can create a great toy to get your preemie on his/her tummy and hopefully not fighting it as much.

Sitting - Take the legs off completely and let your preemie play with this toy while he/she is learning to sit (or feeling stable sitting but not ready to try standing).

Crawling - You can use this toy as a motivator to get your preemie crawling (if that's what he/she needs to get moving).

Learning to stand - The height on this one seems to work well for my daughter. It keeps her interested so she can practice learning how to stand up. The other great thing about this table is that it can help her learn how to go from a squat position to standing. She has a hard time with this transition and other tables/blocks/etc haven't motivated her like this one or have been too tall to make it easy.

Fine motor - Obviously the various buttons and other fun stuff make this a great toy to encourage fine motor development. Once your preemie starts being able to move the objects, encourage him/her to do specific things with each part of the table.

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