Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #12

This week's favorite product is the Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Boom Box.

My daughter got this toy at Christmas and she has loved it ever since. When you press the yellow button on the top it plays four (maybe five I can't remember) little songs that have a catchy beat along with flashing lights and a spinning wheel in the center. My daughter loves to dance to the music. The green "antenna" can be pushed and pulled up and down and the red dial can be spun around. There is also a plastic ball filled with beads that can be spun around and the musical note button makes funny sounds when you press it. The spinner in the center moves around and squeaks when you do spin it. Basically this is a compact toy with a lot of fun things to do with it.

Here are some ways to use it at various points in your preemie's development.

Watch this - Your preemie will love to watch the lights and spinning wheel so sit him/her down and press the button. This is a great toy if you have an older sibling too because they can "help" you show your preemie how it works.

Tummy time - If your preemie doesn't particularly care for tummy time, than this is a great toy to keep them occupied and entertained. Put the toy on one side or the other to encourage head turning. Place it in front of your preemie to encourage reaching with one hand or other other.

Movement - When your preemie is ready to start pivoting or crawling, place this toy just out reach and turn it on to encourage him/her to move towards it. This also works well when you want your preemie to pull to stand - put it on the table so they can go get it.

Cause and Effect/Fine Motor - Show your preemie how each of the buttons and dials work so that he/she can do it too. This is a great way to teach your preemie about cause and effect and work on their fine motor skills at the same time.

Have fun rockin' out with your preemie.

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