Thursday, May 29, 2008

Developmental Wednesday #9 (On Thursday)

Things have been crazy here so many apologies for the delayed post.

This week's developmental information is focused on preemies who are 3-5 months old. In the past I did a post with similar information for preemies who are 0-2 months.

Here are developmental milestones you may start to see at this age:

Large Motor

  • Keeps head in line with his/her body when pulled to sitting from lying down
  • Rolls from stomach to back
  • On stomach, supports self on extended arms
  • Bears some weight on feet when held in a supported stand

Small Motor

  • Reaches for object and tries to grasp it
  • Will finger own hands at midline
  • Transfers toy from hand to hand
  • Shakes rattle purposely

Social/Play Skills

  • Looks at the object he/she is holding
  • Smiles or reaches to familiar people
  • Smiles or laughs during physical play


  • Turns eyes or head in the direction of voices or sound
  • Vocalizes when talked to or sung to
  • Uses different cries to indicate what he/she wants

Ways to Optimize Your Baby's Development

  • Change your preemie's positions during play time - on tummy, sitting (supported at first and then independently) or lying on back
  • Offer toys/objects that your preemie has to reach to get - this will encourage rolling over
  • Continue talking, singing, and laughing with your preemie
  • Bring your preemie's hands together at the center of his/her body and let him/her bring hands to mouth.
  • Let your preemie explore toys by mouthing them (if they are willing to). If your preemie doesn't like to actively mouth things then gently place a textured toy (like a ring) on your preemie's lips and see what he/she does. Slowly over time your preemie may accept it more and be willing to do it him/herself.
  • Shake a rattle (and help your preemie do it themselves) to hear the noise and get a response.
  • Encourage banging, tapping or any type of noise making

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