Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #11

This week's favorite product is the Fisher Price Lil’ Laugh & Learn™ Kick & Feel Musical Farm Friends™

My daughter absolutely fell in love with this toy when we received it as a gift. I love the bright colors, adorable farm animals and the not-as-annoying-as-some songs that are activated when your preemie kicks or touches the animal's feet. This is also a great toy because you can use it at several points of development.

Here are some suggestions for using this toy to help foster development:
Kicking - Hang this toy on your preemie's crib and put him/her in there near enough that his/her feet will kick the toy. This is a great way to encourage kicking as your preemie will get excited by the songs and noise that happen when he/she kicks the toy.
Tummy Time - I have used this toy to help encourage my daughter to pivot and crawl. By placing this toy on the ground just out of reach, my daughter will start to move and reach towards the animals in order to hear the songs. There are several settings so if she gets bored by one of them, I switch to another so she gets excited again.
Textures - This toy has various textures on it so your preemie can have fun touching and experiencing the different fabric. The animal's feet are smooth satin, the clouds are a soft, fluffy material, the sun is hard plastic and the rest is soft cotton. Help your preemie feel each part and comment about how each one feels different.
High Chair Play - Sometimes you need your little one to hang out in his/her high chair while you cook dinner, clean, etc. This is a great toy because it fits across the entire tray and will happily entertain your preemie so that you can get a few things done.

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