Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Feature: Life in our preemie world

I'm adding a new feature to the blog today - Life in our preemie world. I thought it would be fun to add some stories about my two preemies - Dominic and Olivia. I hope you enjoy the glimpse into our life with preemies.

In our house cars (or really anything that can be considered transportation) reign supreme when it comes to toys. Dominic's fascination with cars came early. He would stand at the front window of our house and watch the cars drive by. Often times the cars would honk their horn so his early word for cars was "beep beeps." When Dominic and his first set of Hot Wheels met it was love at first sight. We have since expanded into racing cars, monster trucks, more cars, trains, etc however cars are still a favorite.

I think the love continues with Olivia. She loves to watch Dominic race his cars around the floor or table. Occasionally we would sneak one over to her when Dominic wasn't looking. She liked to hold them and then play with the wheels. My mom thought that perhaps Olivia needed her own set of cars so she brought her a pack of Fisher Price cars. Nice big ones that were safe for a little person like her. Guess what? She wanted nothing to do with them. It was Dominic's cars or nothing. Probably should have guessed that one.

The picture above is from the other night. Dominic had some elaborate "event" that required him to have his monster trucks and cars from the Cars movie out at the same time. Now that Olivia is able to scoot around more she was over there as fast as possible. We decided that she needed her own bin of cars to sort through.

They were occupied for a good 1/2 an hour. Hmm. Perhaps mom has her own love of cars too.

Happy Thursday everybody!


aline said...

This is great. Finally a glimpse into your "little world" at home, thanks for sharing!

Parenting in the NICU and Beyond said...

Thanks Aline! Your comments are always appreciated.