Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favorite Product #19

When it comes to favorite products for my preemies, books are always at the top of the list. This week's post is devoted to mini books - specifically the Fisher Price Little People Books.

These little books have become my new favorite go-to toy. They are small so several of them can fit into a diaper bag and each one has cute pictures of animals which makes for lots of developmental fun. My daughter loves these little books far more then some of the bigger ones we carry along. I think that she likes the fact that she can hold them herself. Each page is thick so she can easily grab it and turn to the next page. If you have older kids, these books are also good for stacking which can be an easy emergency activity if you are stuck in a waiting room or at a restaurant.

Here are tips to use these books to maximize development:

1) Animals - as you turn each page, tell your preemie what animal it is and make the sound that goes with the animal. As your preemie gets older, have him/her tell you the animal sound

2) Colors - books are a great way to start talking about colors - Look at the cow - he is brown, the grass is green, etc.

3) Numbers/counting - even if the book is not devoted to counting things you can still make a game of counting how many of each thing is on the page.

4) Touching/Pointing - as you turn each page make sure you pat the page and/or point to an object. This will encourage your preemie to do the same. This is a great way to teach your preemie to gesture/point towards things that he/she wants.

There are a lot of mini book sets out there today so I hope you find one that works for you and your preemie.

Have fun reading!

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