Saturday, July 19, 2008

Developmental Post #15 - Who Are These People?

It can be difficult for preemies to have people visit them - even family and friends. People are often excited, loud, or they get close to your little one too fast and that can be frightening or over stimulating. This is especially true if your preemie hasn't seen them before or doesn't see them very often. Showing your preemie pictures of relatives and close friends is a great way to get him/her to feel comfortable with them before you see them.

Fun Projects:
Photo Album - Make a photo album with pictures of relatives and close friends. Create something simple and easy - a 4x6 album with slots for each picture is perfect. Make the album part of your daily reading. As you flip through each picture, point to the people and tell your preemie their name. Sound excited. Add in details - See this is Auntie Mary. She has brown curly hair just like you!

Photo Refrigerator - If your preemie is anything like my son, he/she may be fascinated with magnets. Take pictures of relatives and friends and put a magnet on the back. Put each picture on the refrigerator and allow your preemie to touch them. As she/he plays with them, tell her who the people are. Once he/she recognizes the people, make it a game. Can you bring me the picture of Uncle Steve? What about Cousin Matt?

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aline said...

it must be so overwhelming for preemies to have other people's interact with them aside from mommy and daddy. especially if one has a big family that wants to see the baby. good ideas!