Monday, July 7, 2008

Insurance Tip - Double Coverage

If you are able to have insurance coverage for your preemie from both parents than make sure you take advantage of it! Here are some things to do so that you can maximize the benefit of dual coverage for your preemie:

1) Provide insurance information to all providers - make sure that the hospital, doctor's offices, medical equipment providers, etc. all have information for both insurance policies. If they don't have it than they won't be able to bill properly.

2) Co-pays - if you have dual coverage than you shouldn't have to pay any co-pays at the doctor's office. Let them know that you have double coverage and then they can bill your secondary insurance for the amount. I didn't know that so we paid a lot of money that we shouldn't have.

3) Non-covered amounts - if your primary insurance only covers a percentage of an equipment rental or doctor visit, make sure that your secondary insurance is billed for the difference.

Make sure you always ask if the secondary insurance has been billed or will cover any additional money owed - most of the time they will so you won't have a lot of out of pocket expenses.

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