Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Out, Part 2 - Signs

Over the years I've talked to a lot of preemie parents about the issues they have faced taking their preemie to places such as the store, the park, or a party. Pretty much everyone has expressed the same frustration - how to get people to stop reaching in and touching their preemie. Last week I wrote up some tips for ways to avoid people and germs while you're taking your preemie out places. I know that sometimes you have to get a bit aggressive with strangers who just don't get it. Some people have hung a sign from their preemies car seat or stroller. You can get signs from My Tiny Hands and Synagis or make your own.

I thought I would get you started with some ideas for making your own. Some of these are a bit over the top and just for fun. If you have a sign that has worked for you - please share it in the comments section.

Are you Purell'in?
She looks even cuter from 5 steps back
I was born weighing less than ____ pounds, please ask before touching me
I have Purell and I'm not afraid to squirt it.
Yes I do look healthy and I want to stay that way
The word germs with a line through it
I wouldn't touch you without asking first

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