Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Project #2

I thought Monday would be a great day to present a new Fun Project suggestion. This one is called Then and Now. All babies are great subjects for documenting changes over time however preemies often present a unique opportunity because they are born so small and their changes can be very significant. The Then and Now project is really an opportunity to show (and celebrate) how far your preemie has come.

Here are some ideas for things to compare:

  • Footprints - Make a copy of your preemie's footprints now and put them next to the ones that they took in the hospital.
  • Pictures - Take several pictures that showcase how much your preemie has grown. If you put something in your baby's isolette or crib to show how small he/she was - take a new picture with him/her holding the same object. If your preemie is still in the NICU - find one item and take pictures of your baby with the same item over time. Great ideas include: your wedding ring, a special bracelet or necklace, a small stuffed animal, etc.
  • First outfit - Take a new picture of your preemie now holding the first outfit he/she wore or the one that he/she wore home. If you don't want to have your baby hold the original outfit, just take a current picture and use it to compare what your baby is wearing today. Put it next to the picture of your baby in the original outfit.
  • Changes - if your preemie has a new favorite toy, pacifier, blanket, etc. then take a picture of him/her with the new item and then put it next to a picture with his/her old favorite item

If you don't have pictures - then words work just as well for capturing these great changes in your preemie. You can use journal entries or simply notes to show how much your baby has changed.

Once you have your pictures or notes, now it's time to create and showcase these then and now moments. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Scrapbook - create a small mini book that is dedicated to showing the changes that your baby has gone through. It can be as simple as putting the then and now photos beside each other or creating special pages for each comparison. Totally up to you.
  • Frame - if you are going to showcase just one big comparison, then use a matted, two picture frame so that you can put the two photos next to each other and hang it on the wall.
  • Collage - create a large (or small) photo collage that shows all the comparisons.
  • Slide show - create a picture video slide show with the photos and notes you want to highlight. This makes a great item to email to friends and family.

Don't forget to put a date on each photo and/or note. Label each item as "then" and "now" with the date underneath or on the back.

Have fun reminiscing over your amazing preemie.

I'm still working on my own then and now project. As soon as I finish I will update this post with photos.

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