Friday, April 18, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #7

This week my favorite product is baby activity gyms/mats - specifically the Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe.Baby activity gyms or mats are one of my most used and favorite baby play products. Most preemies love them and they can be used to foster several different developmental milestones. They also help give moms and dads a break too! I was always a bit disappointed when each of my kids outgrew their baby mat.

Pretty much any baby gym or mat will do for your little preemie. I personally like the Tiny Love Gymini - it has a nice sized mirror, bright colors, and flowers that light up and play music when touched.

Here are some tips for how to use your baby gym/mat to maximize development and play time.

Back and Tummy Time - in the beginning most preemies are just happy and mesmerized by watching all of the hanging toys. You can help keep their attention by slowly batting the toys around so that your baby can track the movement and stay entertained. The baby mats are also good for tummy time. You can keep the arches on or take them off. Your preemie will still like to feel the mat and check out what's going on around him/her. When your preemie is on his/her tummy, hang the toys on either side so he/she is encouraged to look in both directions.

Reaching and Batting toys - once your preemie is old enough, he/she will start to reach up towards the toys. The first few times, the motion will be accidental but once your preemie realizes that he/she can control what toys he/she touches - he/she will start to do it a lot more. You can help facilitate this by hanging the toys in strategic locations. Make sure that several toys are within reach of your preemie's hands and feet. Hang them low enough that your preemie can easily touch them. Once he/she gets the hang of it, you can raise the toys up and make it more challenging. Hang toys that make noise near your preemie's feet to encourage him/her to kick.

Side lying - Encourage your preemie to stay on his/her side by hanging all of the toys on one side. Put the toys at various lengths and positions so that your baby stays interested.

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aline said...

They must sell so many of these! This exact same one was my daughter's favorite playmat, it brings back sweet memories. she used love pulling on the elephant. This truly is the perfect one!