Friday, April 4, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #5

This week my favorite product is the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Musical Fishbowl.

Beyond the total cuteness factor, I like this toy because it can keep kids entertained and learning in a variety of ways. The fish bowl has lights and music that play when you move it or drop the fish into the bowl. The three fish are easy to grab which makes it nice for kids who are learning how to pull and put things into a container.

Here are a few fun ways to use this toy for optimal fun and learning:

Tummy Time - this is a great toy to use for babies who are learning to reach for things while on their tummy. The lights and music are activated by touching the bowl so your baby will get immediate "feedback" and reaction when he/she is able to reach out and touch it. Great fun for them!

Exploring Toys - once kids have mastered sitting, they like to start exploring their toys. This is a fairly light toy so kids can easily turn it over, grab it, and push it around. My daughter loves to flip toys over and this is one of her favorites.

Grab and Drop - Obviously one of the best uses for this toy is to get kids to learn how to pull toys out of a container and then drop them back in. When your playing with your baby, drop a toy in and say "in" and then pull it back out and say "out." Overtime your baby will start to learn what the words mean and will copy your actions. Make sure there is a lot of cheering involved for your little superstar. When they are just starting out, fill the fishbowl with other small toys so it is easy for him/her to pull something out.

Can I have it? - Once kids have learned how to pull a toy out of the fishbowl, start asking them to give it to you. Hold your hand out and help them release the toy into your hand. Once you have cheered them on, give the toy back and start over. Sometimes it helps to have another adult or older child there to show your baby how to do it (make you cheer for your helper as well).

Enjoy this great toy and watching your baby learn all sorts of new skills!

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