Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #6

This week my favorite product is the Sassy Stacking Cups.

These cups were a favorite of my son and now my daughter is a fan too. We are using the same set of cups and they have survived nicely over the past 4 years. The cups can be played with and used in a number of ways - all to encourage exploration and development. Since they are stackable, you can fit them inside each other and easily throw them into a diaper bag for entertainment at a doctor's office, restaurant, friend's house, etc.

Teething - the top of each cup has a textured rubber area that is ideal for kids who are teething. Each one is different so it provides a nice change for baby's who like to put things into their mouth.

Stacking and Knocking them down - these cups make for easy stacking and knocking over which can entertain a baby for quite a long time. They stack up to a perfect height for baby's who are sitting. The bottom of each cup has a rim so it's easy for babies to pick up the cups once they are stacked. You can start with a knocking down game and then as your baby gets older - let them try putting the cups on top of each other.

Tap together - My daughter loves to hold onto two of the cups and then tap them together. Since they are cups, she can hold onto the top and easily keep a tight grip as she taps them together.

Take out and put in - Baby's first learn how to take things out so put the smallest cup into the largest cup and let your baby practice taking it out. As he/she gets older, try having your baby put the cup back into the largest cup. Once he/she has mastered that skill, try having them put the cups inside of the next largest size. You can also use the cups for teaching kids about putting small objects (like Cheerios or puffs) into the cup and taking it out.

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