Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Product Friday

Welcome to a new feature - Favorite Product Friday. Each week I'll be highlighting a product that I have found to be incredibly useful as a parent of a preemie.

This week my favorite product is the Spark by Skip Hop Diaper Bag. This is the Target version of the more expensive Skip Hop Diaper Bag.

I bought this bag a month ago and I am already in love with it. Now, we all know that babies have a lot of stuff. I'm still seriously in awe over the fact that the smaller the person the more stuff you have to bring. Having a preemie sometimes means that the pile of stuff gets even bigger (or at least harder to carry). For my daughter we have to bring her oxygen tank, monitor, diaper bag (with extra feeding tube supplies as well as the usual stuff), medical binder, appointment calendar, stuff for my son, my iPod, phone and keys to every appointment.

Thankfully I have a stroller that fits most of it but the biggest problem I had was the diaper bag. Every time I put it on my shoulder something would fall out or it would slip off my shoulder. I needed something that was big enough to hold everything and had a lot of pockets to keep things separate and easy to find.

The best thing about the Spark bag is the ability to hook it onto the stroller. You just unhook the shoulder strap and then there are extra hooks to put it onto the stroller. This way I don't have to carry it or worry that stuff is falling out. It also means I can keep a hand on my son without worrying about the bag slipping. If you already have a bag you love but want to hook it onto the stroller than try these stroller bag hooks. It also has a ton of pockets in different spots so that I can seperate things and easily find them when I need to.

Do you have a stroller bag you love? Let me know so we can highlight it.

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