Friday, March 14, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #2

This week my favorite product is the Sassy “Me In The Mirror” baby mirror.

All parents hear about the importance of tummy time for their baby. Depending on how your preemie develops, he/she may spend more than the normal amount of time on his/her tummy. With our daughter's lung problems, we have been working on strengthening her arms, chest, etc. on her tummy for what seems like a really long time. In the beginning, my daughter would get bored or cranky after only a short time so it made it difficult to really work on her PT time. Thankfully I found this great mirror that is free-standing so I can put it up anywhere. The free standing part is a lifesaver because I don't have to constantly keep adjusting it so she can see herself like I did with the toys that had mirrors. She loves the mirror and has continued to enjoy playing with it as she has progressed from just watching herself, to reaching out and playing with the various things on the mirror.

Honorable Mention
The Baby Angelbug Kick and Grow Tummy Zone looks like an absolutely great device for babies who are just starting out on tummy time. We haven't used one but it looks like a great purchase. It was created by a physician so it combines a lot of great things into one product including a mirror, bolster to encourage kids to kick and push and support so that babies don't arch their backs. Definitely something to consider if your baby hasn't started rolling over yet.

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