Friday, March 21, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #3

This week my favorite product is the Tiny Love Wind Chime.

Both of my kids needed extra encouragement to really kick their legs and discover their feet. This product was a huge help. You can hang it from a play gym or the side or a crib. It works (and sounds) just like a wind chime so whenever your baby kicks the chime, they can hear it. My daughter especially loved the sound and really started kicking her feet whenever she heard the chime. The design is also quite cute - I love the little birds. Kids can also enjoy reaching for the chime when it's hung above them. Enjoy watching your kids discover their feet.

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Martha Compton said...

Thanks for posting these products. Our baby girl is hopefully coming home in a few weeks and I enjoy seeing your ideas for items for us to get for her. In fact I added last weeks' product to my registry.