Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Product Friday #4

This week my favorite product is baby carriers/slings. Whether your a fan of baby carriers like Baby Bjorn or Slings like the Boppy Carry in Comfort , they can be one of the most useful products both inside and outside the house.

All babies like to be close to their mom in the beginning and this can be especially true for preemies. Not only that, parents miss out on bonding time while their baby is in the NICU so they want to spend extra time holding their baby once they are at home. A baby carrier/sling can allow you to keep your baby close but still get other things done like cleaning, typing, talking on the phone, etc. With my son I was working from home and the baby carrier allowed me to check email and talk on the phone while he snoozed away inside.

Preemies are especially susceptible to germs so going out in public places can always be a "danger zone" because people love babies and they love to touch babies. If you keep your baby in a carrier or sling, they are less likely to touch your baby because your baby is close to you. When using a sling, keep your baby facing you so that if a stranger does his/her face.

I've personally always used the Baby Bjorn however I know that people have had success with almost every carrier or sling out there. If you don't already have one, the Babies R Us website offers a variety of options to get you started.

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