Wednesday, March 26, 2008

100 Ways To Praise A Child

I received this great list "100 Ways To Praise A Child" from my son's developmental therapist a few years ago. I'm not sure who created it. Some of the praises are a bit outdated (in wording) but the sentiment remains the same - praise your child and let them know how special they are to you. This is a concept that is important for all children but can be especially helpful for a preemie. Preemies are asked to do a lot of things that can be difficult and challenging for them and making sure they know that you think they are doing a great job can go a long way towards success. So yeah for praise!!

100 Ways To Praise A Child

  1. Great
  2. Way to go
  3. Outstanding
  4. Wow
  5. Super job
  6. You look stunning
  7. Awesome
  8. Good for you
  9. Right on
  10. Excellent
  11. I knew you could do it
  12. Impressive job
  13. Well done
  14. Remarkable
  15. Neat
  16. I'm proud of you
  17. You made my day
  18. Fantastic
  19. Nice work
  20. Looking good
  21. It's great to know you
  22. Now you've got it
  23. Bravo
  24. Wonderful
  25. Far out
  26. You're a real trooper
  27. You're important
  28. What do you think?
  29. You're a winner
  30. Nothing can stop you now
  31. You're incredible
  32. You're catching on
  33. Hot dog, you did it
  34. Bingo
  35. Hooray for you
  36. You're on target
  37. You're on your way
  38. How smart of you
  39. What a big help you are
  40. You light up my life
  41. That's incredible
  42. Dynamite
  43. Remarkable work
  44. You're beautiful
  45. You're unique
  46. Nothing can stop you now
  47. I like you
  48. Spectacular job
  49. You're precious
  50. Good discovery
  51. You figured it out
  52. Hip, hip hooray
  53. Three cheers for you
  54. Magnificent
  55. Super work
  56. Creative job
  57. Good thinking
  58. Exceptional performance
  59. You're exciting
  60. What an imagination
  61. What a good listener
  62. You're fun to be with
  63. You tried your best
  64. You're growing up
  65. I care
  66. You're a good friend
  67. I trust you
  68. You're important
  69. You'll go far
  70. You make me smile
  71. You mean a lot to me
  72. You make me happy
  73. You belong
  74. You brighten my day
  75. I respect you
  76. You mean the world to me
  77. You're a joy
  78. You're a treasure
  79. You're wonderful
  80. Awesome
  81. You're a.o.k.
  82. I love you
  83. A big hug
  84. You're so enthusiastic
  85. There's nobody like you
  86. You're sweeter than candy
  87. Cool
  88. Keep up the good work
  89. You shine
  90. What radiance
  91. I admire you
  92. How lovely you look
  93. A+ job
  94. Artistic
  95. Brilliant idea
  96. You've got spirit
  97. All right, that's the way
  98. It wouldn't be fun without you
  99. Thanks for your help
  100. Get down to eye level and smile

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aline said...

I love this! what a great idea of putting all these down on paper, thank you for sharing them!