Friday, August 14, 2009

Developmental Milestones: 16-19 months

This week's developmental post is focused on the developmental milestones of preemies who are 16-19 months old. Previously I have done posts for 12-15 months, 9-11 months, 6-8 months old, 3-5 months old and 0-2 months old.

Gross Motor

  • Walks up stairs with one hand held
  • Creeps backward down stairs
  • Climbs into an adult-sized chair

Small/Fine Motor

  • Puts a round shape in a shape sorter
  • Makes marks with a crayon or pencil
  • Stacks 3 blocks

Social/Play Skills

  • Plays with the same toy in different ways
  • Plays with one other child; each doing separate activities
  • Brings an object/toy to an adult to encourage adult to play


  • Names objects or pictures on request
  • Uses approx. 5-10 specific words by him/herself (not in imitation of someone else)
  • Will get 2-3 familiar objects when asked (one at a time)
  • Points to at least 3 body parts on him/herself or a doll

Ways to encourage development:

  • Continue to practice conversations - let your preemie say something and then say something back. Make sure you pause in between comments so that your preemie has a chance to respond.
  • Play ball - practice throwing and kicking. Use a large ball for kicking so your preemie can more easily make contact with the ball. For throwing, use a small ball that he/she can easily hold onto. You can practice throwing the ball back and forth or into a container.
  • Blocks - offer blocks as a toy. Practice stacking (and then knocking them down - the fun part). Build things.
  • Continue to read books with your preemie. Point out specific things on each page. "Look at the cow" "The cow is eating"
  • Encourage self-care - let your preemie try to feed him/herself more, take on and take off clothes and wash him/herself in the bath.

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