Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Developmental Post #24

This week's developmental post is focused on the developmental milestones of preemies who are 12-15 months old. Previously I have done posts for 9-11 months, 6-8 months old, 3-5 months old and 0-2 months old.

Large/Gross Motor:

  • Can walk alone
  • Creeps up stairs
  • Squats when playing and then resumes standing

Small/Fine Motor:

  • Turns pages of a board book
  • Stacks things
  • Takes the lid off a container (box, tub)

Social/Play Skills

  • Combines related objects in play (spoon in cup, man on truck, doll on bed)
  • Initiates ball play or other social game
  • Imitates adult in simple task (wipes table, dusts, sweeps, etc.)


  • Child's babbling sounds like a sentence of real words intonation
  • Uses two single words meaningfully
  • Follows a simple direction
  • Points to a body part or familiar toy on request

Ways to encourage development:

  • When reading a book - encourage your preemie to turn the page
  • Put items inside a clear container with a lid and encourage your preemie to take the lid off to get the toy
  • Encourage pretend play with items that go together - when "feeding the doll" stir the food in the cup and then feed the baby, put a driver in the truck before it drives away, etc.
  • Let your preemie "help" with household tasks like dusting, cleaning tables/cabinets, putting things away, etc.

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