Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School Time

We are FINALLY (I hope) over the horrible cold that took over our house for two weeks.

With September just around the corner and school starting - it's time for a back to school post. We have a kindergartner in our house so we are all pretty excited (and a little nervous) about school starting this year.

Here are some tips to help make things easier for preemie's that are going to school or daycare.

The more they know
If your preemie has any medical issues and/or is taking medicine, be sure to talk with his/her teacher at the beginning of the school year.

  1. Let teachers and administrators know basic information about any conditions or issues that your preemie has. Some examples are: asthma, CLD, GERD, delays, etc.
  2. Siblings - If you have older children, let their teacher know a brief summary of your preemie's issues just in case a problem arises. We will be telling our son's teacher about my daughter's oxygen and feeding issues. That way if our son makes reference to it or other kids ask - the teacher will have a basic idea of the issue which will hopefully avoid any confusion.
  3. Services - If your preemie is receiving EI services that will take place during school hours - make sure you let the teacher know so proper arrangements (and expectations) can be made.


  1. If your preemie is taking medicine that must be administered at school, find out who will be giving the medicine and speak to them about proper dosage, how to give it, reactions, etc.
  2. Put a Personal Medication Card in your preemie's backpack. I highly recommend having the card for your preemie and carrying it in your purse, in the diaper bag, etc. The link I've provided is to the card that Standford Hospital hands out. If you want to make your own be sure to list the conditions your preemie is being treated for, known allergies, and medicines he/she is taking including dosage.

Social/Sensory/Specific Issues

  1. Social - if your child has any issues with peer (or adult) interaction - make sure your preemie's teacher is aware. Be as specific as possible - what triggers the problem, how to help calm your preemie down, etc.
  2. Sensory - if your preemie has any specific sensory sensitivities - tell the teacher. Again, be specific. Let them know exactly what causes the problem and how your preemie calms down. If the teacher knows in advance they can help prevent issues before they happen.
  3. Specific - Let your preemie's teacher if there is something specific that you want him/her to do or not do. Or on the flip side - if there is something specific that your preemie needs to do each day to ensure a smooth time.

Most importantly: Embrace the new beginning and opportunities for your preemie to learn new things!!

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Good points for preemies going to school. I am an OT who works with early intervention & go into preschools and daycares alot. When possible, our staff tries to meet with the school staff first or at least be there during the first week. I have a blog on various infant and toddler special needs topics at