Monday, November 2, 2009

Calling All Bloggers

Hi fellow preemie moms and dads.

As many of you probably know, November is Prematurity Awareness Month. I invite all of you to come join me at Bloggers Unite. They are partnering with the March of Dimes in support of Fight For Preemies. The goal is to have 500 bloggers posting on and before Prematurity Awareness day - November 17th.

So consider this your official invitation. Please post a special story about your own preemie miracle. We want everyone to learn why it is SO important to support the ongoing need for prematurity research funding.

You can also grab a badge or banner for your blog. Now get posting!


Sonia said...
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christa said...

I had a preemie. My story is at
My miracle was finding a song by david osmond called the lonliest walk. Here are the lyrics:
She pushes L on that old elevator door
Her heart is broken, arms are bare
The doors are closing and she's staring at the floor
There's still a piece of her up there
It seems like yesterday she saw him on the screen
Painted a room and picked out names
But now she has to leave him under big machines
To keep alive his tiny frame
She's on the way to her car, but its never felt this far

With each step she takes there's another to follow
And one more ache, one more tear to swallow
She's gotta keep moving
Forget about the bruising inside
Through the loneliest walk of her life

He pushes up the board they've tied onto his shoulders
He bears, with dignity, disgrace
He hears the jeering and the wind is getting colder
Tastes the blood upon his face

His body bruised and back still open from the scourges
The consequence of wicked men
He knows no man on earth has ever deserved this
But still he bears it all for them
And He keeps moving up the hill to do his fathers will

Withe each step he takes theres another to follow
and one more ache, one more tear to swallow
we all stand by and watch as the price is paid
Through the loneliest walks of his life
so we don't feel alone in the night
we can have his hand holding the light
through the lowliest walks of our lives
Keep pushing through this lonely walk youre going through
Cause someones walked this way before

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