Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little Blog Vacation

Life has been hectic in the Preemie Parent household lately.

Colds, my son starting Kindergarten (where we have jumped into activities with a full body cannonball - no toe dipping here), new schedules and a pretty bossy two year-old have all combined to take over my schedule.

So I'm officially calling a vacation through next week. By then I plan to have my new schedule set so that I can get a bunch of blog posts up that have been patiently waiting. Like all of you.

Stay well everyone!!

BTW - I found this great section on the March of Dimes website about when to call the doctor: For some reason it's not letting me format correctly so I apologize for the full link in the text). There is some good basic information that's highly useful when you're at home not knowing what to do.


Trish said...

Hope things settle down soon.
The link you posted isn't working. Takes me to soemthing for you (end of the URL is "Debbie")

janet said...

What a great site! Full of useful info.