Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keep it clean: part 2

Now that the winter season is fully here, parents of preemies need to be extra careful about keeping their preemie healthy. Last winter I did a series of posts about staying healthy so please check here, here, here , and here for more tips and information.

On a recent trip to Target we added a new soap to our bathroom. It is called Soap Tunes Foaming Soap.

When you press down on the dispenser, it plays a little song while you wash your hands. There are three different options - all based on something educational like counting or the ABCs. My son loves it. Soap tip: If your youngest happens to be in the bedroom right across from the bathroom, you might want to have your oldest use a different soap in the middle of the night. It can be a jaring wake-up at 2am.

Here are a few additional tips to use while you are getting through this winter/RSV season:

  • Bring your own pen so that you can use it when signing credit card receipts at the store. You never know who used the store pen before you. If you have to use the store pen - use Purell when you are finished.
  • Watch what your preemie (or other kids) touch when you are at the store. The check out counter area, store shelves, and other areas are prime spots that your preemie might touch.
  • Ask to be put in a room at the doctor's office rather than in the waiting area. It will mean you're in the exam room for longer however there are far less germs
  • Bring your own toys with you in the diaper bag - you know where your toys have been and who has touched them so try and keep your preemie interested in those vs. toys in the waiting room, friend's house, etc. that have been touched by many hands.

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