Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite Product #29

This week's favorite toy is the great classic - Mr. Potato Head.

Mr. Potato Head has been around for generations and for good reason - it is a great toy. Beyond the fun of making silly faces, this toy has some great developmental aspects as well. Here are some tips to get the most of this toy:

1) Body parts - Let your preemie look at each part and name them for him/her. Help your preemie name each body part his/herself - you can point to each body part on Mr. Potato Head and then point to the same one on your preemie. Encourage your preemie to put the pieces in - you can first let him/her put them in any spot but then slowly encourage proper placement.

2) Fine motor - Having your preemie put each piece into the hole is great for practicing fine motor skills

3) Role Playing - Mr. Potato Head and "talk" to your preemie or your preemie can try and feed Mr. Potato Head too. Anything that encourages interaction.

There are a bunch of extra pieces you can get now - They even have Rock Star Mr. Potato Head. How cute is that?

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