Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life in our preemie world

Lately we have had a bit of a fussy preemie on our hands. I think our recent vacation to Disneyland took more out of her than we realized. Since Olivia is delayed in expressive speech, she can't communicate frustration very well. Well, unless you count the ear splitting screams that she now resorts too. Not a fun sound. When she's extra tired it can be difficult to really determine what she wants/needs.

So what's a tired preemie mom to do?

Turn on some tunes and get dancing. Physical motion tends to calm Olivia down and she really enjoys listening and dancing to music. I couldn't find my iPod so I had to frantically flip through our CD collection and find an album that wasn't full of slow songs but had lyrics that were okay for a five-year-old. So we rocked out to Elvis and eventually had her calmed down enough to go to sleep.
So tell me, what's your desperation moment strategy for calming/distracting your preemies?

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