Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did you know?

Many parents of preemies try to keep their preemie out of traditional daycare in order to reduce germ exposure. On the flip side, daycare is also one of the key risk factors for receiving/being approved for the Synagis shots during RSV season. I recently learned that the definition of "daycare" is actually quite broad so if the definition below applies to you - make sure to let your pediatrician know so that he/she can accurately describe your preemie's risk factors when they send a request to your insurance company.

Daycare is defined as 2 or more children who are not siblings that are together for 4 or more hours. So think about it - do you have a friend who watches your preemie (while watching his/her own kid) while you run some errands or get some work done? Does your older sibling go to playgroups or other kid activities where he/she would be exposed to germs? All of that counts so make a note of it if it applies to you and your preemie.

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