Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life In Our Preemie World

Life in our preemie world has been quite busy of late. A flurry of activities (both planned and unplanned) have kept us busy, busy. One of the things that we have been started planning in our house is Halloween costumes. I know it's not quite October however we LOVE Halloween. And I normally try to make costumes myself which requires some advance planning to get it done in time. This is Olivia's second Halloween. Hopefully she will be able to see at least a few people in this year before the official winter "lockdown" commences. Last year she and I spent it at home while my son went trick-or-treating with dad and friends.

This year she is going to be:

Because seriously, what preemie isn't a Wonder Woman or Superman?
Our son was Superman for his second Halloween (the first was spent in the NICU while wearing a festive bib). We decided it was only fitting for Olivia to follow suit in a smaller version of the costume above.
Do you have a great preemie costume idea? Leave a comment and let us know.

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