Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life in our preemie world

This picture is one of the stories of our life right now. This blurry shot perfectly captures Olivia right now. Because we have a crawler on our hands. Ever since little girl finally got her whole body to figure out how to crawl she has been a blur of motion ever since. Occasionally she gets stopped by her oxygen cord (or her brother) but not for long. Off to find new things to get into, new drawers or doors to open, new books to pull off the shelf. She is so unlike her brother who was a model child in this area - he rarely opened cabinets or drawers unless they had his toys in them.

And so we adjust. We find new places to put things and new locks for the drawers. And our son learns that his cars can't always stay EXACTLY where he wants them to because his sister may have another idea about that. Like seeing how far she can throw them before someone notices :)
It's a challenge but a super fun one to watch because every moment is like a new discovery for her. And us.

What new skill has your preemie learned how to do recently?

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