Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Developmental Wednesday #12

This week's developmental post is focused on stages of imitation skills.

We all know that kids are great imitators. Sometimes it can be good or bad, When it comes to encouraging development in your preemie, imitation can be great. Here are the various early imitation skills that your preemie may have based on adjusted age:

  • 4-6 months - will imitate vocalizations and actions that he/she already knows how to do.
  • 6-9 months - will imitate actions that he/she can see being done by other people that he/she already knows how to do
  • 8-12 months - will imitate new sounds or gestures
  • 9-12 months - will imitate unseen patterns composed of familiar actions
  • 12-15 months - will imitate new movements
  • 12-18 months - immediate imitation of someone else doing something
  • 15-18 months - will imitate drawing a line on a piece of paper
As you go through your daily routine, think of the "routine" gestures, sounds and actions that you do and encourage your preemie to imitate you. Also take the time to actively imitate your preemie when he/she makes a noise or gesture.

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aline said...

Imitation is the best part of having a little one. It's so fun to watch them imitate and develop their own little personalities with a twist!