Friday, March 6, 2009

Focus on sign language: Book

This sign language post is devoted to the sign for "book." Since most kids like having books read to them, this is a great sign to start teaching your preemie how to ask for specific items .Go here for an explanation and pictures on how to do the sign.

For beginning tips on introducing sign language to your preemie, click here.

How to incorporate the sign:

  • Start introducing the sign each time you read a book to your preemie. Start by using the word and the sign together. After your preemie has watched you a few times, help him/her do the sign him/herself.
  • Use the sign and word in a question. Do you want a book? What do you want? A book? Anything that helps your preemie realize that if he/she uses the sign, you will get him/her what they asked for.
  • If your preemie brings you a book to read, use the sign or encourage him/her to use the sign before reading the book. You can take the book and say "do you want mommy to read the book?" and use the sign.
  • Each time you read a book, use the sign as you talk about it. Look - we are reading a book (use the sign) about Bob the Builder.
  • Remember to read a book if your preemie uses the sign (as appropriate).

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