Monday, August 18, 2008

Life In Our Preemie World

Have you ever noticed that no matter how far your preemie has come, you can often find yourself thinking of the beginning?

This past Friday I had to take Olivia to Stanford for some testing. One of them required sedation so after it was done we had to stay in the PACU recovery area until she was fully awake. Even though she wasn't there for something serious and she came out of sedation fairly quickly, just being in the room surrounded by monitors, vents, nurses, etc. brought me right back to the NICU. Right back to the moments of fear and worry.

Thankfully this time I had a beautiful little girl to hug and take home right away.
Are there any specific things that can trigger a trip back to those NICU memories for you?


aline said...

YES! absolutely, the smallest things take me back to the "beginning days" just reading this post, brought tears to my eyes.I know exactly that feeling you're talking about. About a year ago we were at Frankie last eval exam and I burst into tears in the middle of the session. A simple smell, monitor sounds, even a lullaby CD we used to listen to when she was a baby can trigger than feeling for me. It almost seems like I never got over it. It's such an intense emotional feeling, which I know you can relate to. Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

Parenting in the NICU and Beyond said...

Thank you for sharing. It is amazing (yet I guess not surprising) that those feelings don't go away. They just kind of hang out until something triggers them. Since our son was also a preemie it was almost surreal to be back in the NICU for our daughter. Everything was the same and yet different at the same time.