Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Since most parents can’t be with their baby 24/7 in the NICU, you end up calling in to check on your baby during the times that you can’t visit. Here are some general questions to ask that should give you a basic idea of what’s going on. If your baby is having any specific issues, make sure to ask detailed questions about their status/progress.

Did he/she have a good night/morning/day?
- Hopefully this will tell you if your baby seemed comfortable and content or if something happened to indicate that there is a potential problem.

How much does he/she weigh?
- Keep in mind that babies are normally only weighed once a day (at night) so it isn’t necessary to ask more than once.

Did the doctors say anything when they came by? Are there any new orders for today?
- Doctor’s normally start their rounds around 9am and they check on the most critical patients first. Any new orders should tell you if they are making any changes to things like medicine, feedings, breathing devices, etc.

How did his/her feedings go?
- You should be able to find out if your baby is tolerating feedings or doing well with the bottle.

A word of advice – if you call in and your baby’s nurse is on a break, try calling back when they are done. The relief nurse will most likely only be able to tell you what is on the chart since they aren’t the one watching your baby. Your baby’s regular nurse will be able to provide a full report.

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