Monday, May 5, 2008

Announcing Your Preemie

When babies are born full-term, parents normally send out birth announcements to family and friends as soon as possible. While preemie parents are just as excited to tell people about their new addition to the family, there are often other factors to consider before sending out an announcement. If your preemie is sick, fragile, small, etc. a lot of parents decide to wait until they know for sure their preemie is going to "be okay."

Here are tips and ideas for sending out your own announcements:

  • Send out a homecoming announcement instead of a birth announcement. Since both of our preemies started out so small and had a variety of issues, we wanted to wait until we were sure they were stable and coming home before sending something out.

  • If you send out a birth announcement you can also follow it up with a homecoming announcement - both events are both worth announcing and celebrating!

  • Find an announcement style that allows you to show several pictures of your preemie. Preemies change so much from when they are first born to when they come home that it's nice to show the transition. It's a great way to celebrate just how much your preemie has overcome in the days, weeks, months since being born. I like the Shutterfly Classic White design as it allows you to include a nice amount of photos and text on the front.

  • If you do a homecoming announcement, include your preemie's birth weight/height/weeks early as well as his/her current weight/height/days in the NICU

  • Tip: Sending out an announcement is also a great time to remind people that your preemie is still fragile and can't be around too many visitors at once.
  • In today's digital world, you can make most birth announcements work for your preemie however if you are looking for something preemie specific, here are a few places that offer preemie birth announcements: NICU101, Blooming Inspiration, and My Kids Inspiration.

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